The Brooklyn Power Station was original built in 1934 to supply electricity to the residents of Motueka.  It operated continuously until floods washed out the right hand abutment of the dam in 1976.  In 1982 the power station was disassembled and the machinery sold.  Half of the concrete arch dam was destroyed by explosives to clear the waterway.

In 1989 Lloyd Wensley and his wife Chris bought the remains including parcels of land and pipeline easement from the local lines authority Tasman Energy Limited.

Due to the adverse exchange rate and the low cost of electricity it was decided to refurbish the scheme out of second hand pelton wheel buckets and an induction motor to be used as an asynchronous generator.

The general arrangement was designed by Lloyd and a professional mechanical engineer was engaged to complete the detail design of the machine which was then constructed by a Timaru company.  All of the electrical design was carried out by Lloyd.

The plant was recommissioned in March 2002 and has been producing electricity into the national grid firstly at the spot price and then subsequently retailed to clients.

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